[Yuanhong Textile] Tips for moisture-proof bedding

Bedding should be placed in the sun for several hours after a month of continuous use, especially in the plum rain season. Down and silk products should not be directly exposed to the sun, but should be placed in a dry and ventilated cool place for ventilation and drying. If they are seriously affected with damp, they can be covered with a layer of cotton cloth and put in the sun for 1-2 hours. Sunshine is the most environmentally friendly and effective bactericidal and desiccant. It can not only wipe away the moisture in the bedding, but also make the bedding and pillow fluffy and soft. It will smell full of sunshine. It can also remove bacteria, and let the dry bedding bring you a good night's dream.
Lime or charcoal can be used to absorb moisture. In rainy days, quicklime or charcoal can be placed indoors in cloth or gunny bags to keep the air dry. At present, the hygroscopic boxes, dehumidifier bags and other products sold in supermarkets are also good choices, which are suitable for living rooms, rooms, washrooms, kitchens and other large spaces of daily life. After a period of use, the substances in the hygroscopic box can be taken out, and the bulk desiccant can be purchased and put into the box for reuse. The dehumidifier bag made of absorbent resin and charcoal is more suitable for small space. For example, a bag of dehumidifier bag can be hung in closed spaces such as wardrobe and shoe cabinet to expel moisture.