Yuanhong Textile gives you a general knowledge of textile: bamboo fiber towels can beautify

Bamboo fiber towel products are made of pure natural fibers. They have the characteristics of natural environmental protection, no oil, no ash, no water, anti-bacterial, anti-static, etc. They are good helpers for household cleaning!! The survival of any organism depends on the five basic elements of "water, air, amino acid, sugar and fat", and none of them is dispensable, while the pathogen is a kind of microorganism. According to this principle, the sugar and fat in the bamboo raw materials are removed by biotechnology during the fiber processing, so that the bacteria will die soon after lacking the basic conditions for breeding and survival on the fiber. In addition, according to the principle of mutual gravitation of substances, the production process of removing static electricity is added in the processing of raw materials, so that the products are new when they see water, odor proof, skid proof and greasy proof; Easy to use, time-saving, labor saving and cost saving; Decontamination and beauty can prevent bacterial cross infection. These are incomparable new qualities of other textiles.  
1. What is bamboo fiber?
Bamboo fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from natural bamboo, which is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool and silk. Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing properties. It also has natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, acarid, deodorant and anti ultraviolet functions. Experts pointed out that bamboo fiber is a kind of natural environment-friendly green fiber in the true sense. Bamboo fiber textiles are favored by consumers because they completely copy the inherent characteristics of bamboo fiber, and the demand for products is increasing year by year.
2. Why can bamboo fiber towels resist bacteria?
Scientists found that there is a unique substance in bamboo, which is named "Zhukun" and has natural functions of bacteriostasis, acarid prevention, odor prevention and insect prevention. Under the microscope, bacteria can reproduce in large quantities in cotton, wood and other fiber products, while bacteria on bamboo fiber products can not survive for a long time, but can disappear or reduce in a short time, and the bacterial mortality rate in 24 hours is more than 73%. The above results were confirmed by the tests conducted by the National Cotton Textile Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Shanghai Institute of Microbiology. The natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect of bamboo fiber fabric can still ensure its original activity after repeated washing and sun exposure. It not only has no allergic adverse reaction to human skin, but also has a health care effect. It has been widely used in masks, bandages, surgical clothes, nursing clothes and other medical protective articles, and towels, socks, underwear, bedding and other skin friendly daily necessities.
3. Why is it said that bamboo fiber towels are not mouldy, taste unchanged and sticky?
The cotton towel itself does not have antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions. The reason why it is mouldy, smelly and sticky is that bacteria multiply on the towel in large numbers. The reason why this phenomenon does not occur in bamboo fiber towels is that they have antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions, and bacteria cannot reproduce or even survive on them. Therefore, even in a warm and humid environment, bamboo fiber towels will not become mouldy, taste unchanged and sticky.
4. Why do bamboo fiber towels not change color or harden?
The cotton towel will become dark, discolored and hard after being used for a period of time, which is caused by the fact that the cotton fiber contains plant protein and other substances that cannot be removed at present. These substances have chemical changes after contacting with oils and salts secreted by human skin, bacterial secretions on towels, calcium and magnesium ions in water, etc., producing new substances that are adsorbed on towels. The longer it is used, the more serious this phenomenon is. Bamboo fiber has been thoroughly degreased, sugar removed and protein removed, preventing these substances from generating chemical reactions on bamboo fiber towels. Therefore, no matter how long you use the bamboo fiber towel, it will not change color, harden or harden, and it will always remain soft, fresh and bright.
5. Why do bamboo fiber towels have good water absorption and air permeability?
Bamboo fiber is a porous fiber, and its cross section is full of large and small oval pores. This special structure determines that it can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water, and its water absorption is 1.5 times that of cotton. The high hollowness of the natural cross section makes the experts in the industry call it a "breathing fiber" and also a "fiber queen". The moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability of bamboo fiber rank first among the major textile fibers.
6. Why does bamboo fiber towel have beauty function?
The skin exposed in the air is difficult to avoid the invasion of various bacteria and mites. These bacteria and mites will multiply rapidly on the skin, thus infecting the skin and affecting the human health and appearance. Therefore, people begin to frequently go to beauty salons and use high-end beauty products. In fact, we have neglected one of the most critical links, that is, cleaning the skin. When the traditional towel is used to dry the cleaned skin after washing and cleaning, the cleaned skin is again polluted by bacteria and mites on the towel. The effect of high-end beauty and skin care products is greatly reduced because of a towel full of bacteria and mites. As long as you are still using towels that cannot resist bacteria and mites, you will not find the key to skin cleaning and beauty. Bamboo fiber towel has antibacterial and anti mite functions, which completely solves the problem of secondary pollution caused by bacteria and mites. In addition, the porosity of bamboo fiber determines that it has a strong adsorption force, which can effectively remove aging skin and cosmetic residues, which is impossible for ordinary towels. Only bamboo fiber towels can give you a clean skin.
7. Why is bamboo fiber towel the first choice for babies?
The baby's skin is the most delicate and vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria. Mom always chooses the softest and most comfortable cotton towel for her baby. However, have you ever considered that cotton towels will breed innumerable bacteria during use. The mother wipes the baby's body, saliva, milk stains and rice stains that flow onto the baby's clothes, which further accelerates the propagation of bacteria and poses a threat to the baby's health. It is impossible to remove bacteria deep in cotton towels with detergent, and bacteria will multiply in a short time. Frequent use of disinfectants is both troublesome and harmful to baby's delicate and fragile skin. What shall I do? Let bamboo fiber towels help you! Bamboo fiber towels can not only keep soft and comfortable all the time, but also have strong antibacterial ability, which can completely reassure you.
8. Why is bamboo fiber pillow towel called health care pillow towel?
In addition to being able to inhibit bacteria and eliminate mites, modern medicine finds that the antioxidant compounds rich in bamboo can effectively eliminate free radicals and ester peroxides in the body, and can block the formation of N-nitrosamine, a strong carcinogen. It can not only improve the immune ability of the body, but also has the biological effects of moisturizing the skin, anti fatigue and anti-aging. There are 24 places in Compendium of Materia Medica that describe the different medicinal functions and prescriptions of bamboo, and there are nearly 1000 kinds of bamboo prescriptions in the folk. At the same time, bamboo fiber is a "breathing" fiber, and its moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability rank first among the major textile fibers. Bamboo fiber pillow towel is used in summer, which makes people feel cool and breathable; In winter, it is not only fluffy and comfortable, but also can quickly remove sweat and excess heat from the head. Bamboo fiber pillow towel is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is incomparable with other fiber textiles.