[Yuanhong Textile] About the service life and usage of towels

Service life of towel
Everything has a service life. Home textile experts believe that the service life of towels should be about 3 months. Towels that have passed the service life will be polluted and may become hard, which may be harmful to health and become a new source of pollution.
Usage of towel
(1) Towels shall be specially assigned for special use. The number of towels used per person per day should be 4-5. It is divided into face washing, foot washing, bathing and daily personal maintenance small towels, and women also need to add a personal hygiene towel.
(2) Pay attention to the hygiene of towels, wash, boil and sun them frequently, and disinfect them once a week. Don't hang the wet towel in the unventilated toilet, because bacteria and viruses live in the wet towel for a long time, and the propagation rate increases exponentially.